Ground & Air Source Pumps

Ground and Air Source Pumps

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The installation of heat pumps requires a specific criteria and design. When considering a heat pump installation either air or ground – many factors have to be considered before a specific design can be under taken for your installation. Experience and expertise as well as knowledge within the heat domestic and commercial heat pump field is where M D Tyas can help you achieve your aspirations to reduce carbon production and increase energy efficiency. Homes and premises that are considering a heat pump installation should first look at important measures that will need to be in place prior to considering heat pump installation:
  • Cavity wall -External-Internal insulation.
  • Floor and loft insulation.
  • Double glazing or secondary glazing.
  • Draft excluding.

Ground Source Heat Pump

Based on refrigeration technology heat pumps are extremely reliable with no regular maintenance required, they have a planned life span of 25 years with no loss of efficiency. So how do they work and how can they be applied. The earth, water and air absorb and store heat from the sun. In the UK the average constant temperature of the earth at about 1.5M deep is around 5-12°C. It is also possible to extract usable heat from ambient air temperatures as low as -15°C.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Using similar technology as that employed by your fridge/freezer, heat pumps are electrically powered appliances consisting of a compressor, evaporator coil and heat exchanger. The appliances all have a C O P (coefficient of performance) usually around 1:4 ratio. What that means is on average for every kilowatt of energy the appliance uses it hopes to generate 4 in return making it a cost effective and viable solution for producing heating and hot water. Although a certain criteria for installation exists it’s rare when alternative solutions cannot be applied.

Smart Convector

Heat pumps are better suited to under floor heating installation however convector heaters can offer a alternative solution providing there are suited to the low temperatures generated from the heat pumps.